Certified physical therapy in Englewood

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After an injury, accident, or surgical procedure, physical therapy is often prescribed to restore strength and function to the damaged area. For excellence in certified physical therapy in Englewood, The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center provides innovative and effective modalities in a comfortable setting to get you on the road to recovery. At the PMRC, we understand that many people may feel stressed enough as a result of the injury without having to worry about rehabilitation, so it is our goal to make your visit with us as pain and anxiety free as possible. We take the time to answer any questions you may have and to explain all treatment options. Together, an educated patient and a caring and gentle facility are more able to find the best solution. We are proud to be a comprehensive spine, sports, and occupational rehabilitation center.

Our certified physical therapy service in Englewood uses multiple modalities and exercises to help you recover your strength, function, mobility, and balance to target your individual needs.  Working in tandem or independently with other medical professionals, our physical therapists work to help you regain strength, restore function and range of motion, increase flexibility and balance, and treat any deficits you may have. After a stroke, gait, balance, mobility, speech, and the use of walking aids are emphasized. Our therapists use many tools and techniques to achieve these goals. Our facility is stocked with state of the art equipment and weights to help you get strong. Our hands-on modalities may include the use of ultrasound, hot and/or cold packs, and TENS (transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation) to break down inflammation and encourage rapid healing. We use massage and advanced techniques, such as Muscle Energy Techniques and positional release, to address musculoskeletal pain.

Once a diagnosis of your condition or injury has been made by a doctor, our certified physical therapy in Englewood will assess your current state of health to develop a personalized therapy program especially for you. We work together as a team with our patients. Your lifestyle and health goals are all factored into our therapeutic program. So if you find yourself needing an experienced, compassionate physical therapy group, make the right choice and call us today.

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