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Englewood Physical Therapy
Englewood Physical Therapy

Spine conditions typically manifest themselves through low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and other musculoskeletal complaints. Treatment for any neck, back, and spinal condition is recommended as soon as possible to minimize further aggravation. Our physiatrists (medical doctors trained in Rehabilitation Medicine) work in conjunction with the excellent physical therapists in our practice. If you’re in need of a Englewood physical therapist to treat the literal pain in your neck, then you need to visit The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center.

There are very broad and general approaches to the treatment of spinal conditions, but our physicians and physical therapists will develop an individual treatment plan for you. Physical therapy for neck pain often provides relief and also teaches you techniques to prevent re-injury and avoid neck pain in the future. The goal is to decrease neck pain and enhance performance without surgery. Englewood physical therapy for neck pain focuses on strengthening and improving the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support the vertebrae. This is typically done through a combination of exercise and medication to relieve your neck pain and restore movement. During your program, you will learn to stretch and strengthen muscles in the affected areas, accelerating the healing process by reducing neck pain and swelling, while making muscles more flexible and strong.

We will teach you posture and other body mechanics that can protect the neck and spine, preventing future neck pain. We will also show you how to take care of pain flare-ups if re-injury occurs. Our physical therapists will always start by asking you questions designed to help figure out the scope of the problem, everything from your lifestyle to medical history. If your neck pain was caused by major trauma or disease, your physical therapist will consult with your doctor.

It’s very easy to stick with bad habits that create neck pain; slouching at the dinner table, slumping over your desk, hunching your shoulders forward. Your physical therapist can help you break those bad habits and create healthy new ones. To make sure that you’re not re-injuring yourself, your physical therapist may actually analyze your home and work environments, giving you tips on how you can protect yourself from neck pain. Call The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center today and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Englewood physical therapists. Let us help you get rid of that pain in your neck.

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