Englewood rehabilitation therapist

Englewood Rehabilitation Therapist

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Englewood rehabilitation therapist
Englewood rehabilitation therapist

When you have sustained a sports injury, you want to go to a physical therapist who not only understands how to treat your injury, but actually is a participant in sports and knows how important it is to get you back in the game as soon as possible. Englewood rehabilitation therapist specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This comprehensive practice provides innovative therapies and has a state of the art rehabilitation facility to help you overcome the pain and dysfunction caused by this injury. They provide sports and spine rehabilitative medicine that is targeted to each patient’s individual needs. Their pain management strategies include the use of epidural steroid injections to decrease inflammation and reduce pain. Their unique approach to treatment is aided by their diagnostic abilities. Electrodiagnosis (EMG) allows the therapists to analyze the extent of your injury by making a record of the electrical activity in your muscles and nerves. They offer extensive physical and occupational therapy by highly qualified professionals, hand therapy, acupuncture, supervised fitness to help you regain your strength, and inpatient rehabilitation for patients who are in metropolitan area inpatient rehab facilities.

Unique to the Englewood rehabilitation therapist center is the Physiatrist, a medical doctor who has completed the specialized training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. A Physiatrist treats patients of all ages but focuses on function and has the broad medical knowledge to treat patients for their lifetimes. This specialist takes a holistic approach to caring for patients – the whole patient is treated, not just the problem area. The Physiatrist heads your medical team which can be made up of other medical specialists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and occupational therapists and leads the charge in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Since it was created in 1986, the Englewood rehabilitation therapist center has provided excellent care for sports, spine, orthopedic, and neuromuscular conditions stressing non-surgical strategies. Although their facility boasts a wide array of highly educated professionals, they pride themselves on their personal service, private therapy settings, and daily patient phone calls to ensure optimal care.

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